Greenwood Fire Department (PA)

C98, E98, R98 run single alarm assignment in Area 93 (Old Forge)


Just after midnight on June 13, 2017 Station 93 & their first alarm companies were dispatched to a funeral home on Main St. in Old Forge Borough for a reported fire in the basement. OFPD arrived on scene and had a smoke condition and fire in the basement division prompting the SRN (Special Response Narrative) be dispatched to the scene. E98 responded and went to work in the attic division where they were greeted with smoke while searching the balloon frame structure for fire. Rescue 98 did various tasks throughout the fire scene and Chief 98 was placed into the Command Structure. Crews operated for about 2hrs before returning to service.

Compaines on the Box:

L93, E93, E933, C93,C93A (Old Forge)

E98, R98, C98 (Greenwood)

L95 (Taylor)

E112, R112, C112 (Avoca)

E143, C143 (Hughestown)

Pennsylvania Ambulance