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Josh D. Felter, former Moosic Resident, took on the task of compiling Greenwood Fire History

 Joshua Felter, a Riverside High School graduate & former Moosic Borough Resident, is always researching his communities history. He can frequently be found at The Lackawanna County Historical Society researching old records of Moosic and his ancestry along with many other Moosic ancestry lines. 

Josh's ability to dig up the history on Moosic doesn't stop at old newspaper articles, he frequently finds the outcomes of the articles he finds, and posts them on his History & Genealogy Facebook page to share with his community.

The articles attached to this story were found by Josh and uncover Greenwood/Moosic Fire History dating back as far as the 1800's.

On behalf of the members of the Greenwood Fire Department, we would like to thank Josh for his commitment to his area's history! Thank you! 



More History Uncovered By Josh Felter




Rescue & Chief 98 Respond to Area 95 on Working Structure Fire

 Just before 21:00 hours on November 12th, Station 95 was dispatched to Loomis Ave. in Taylor Borough for a possible structure fire. Chief 95 arrived on scene conforming the working residential fire. With that information provided the Lackawanna County Communication Center started the SRN dispatching Rescue 98 as the RIT Team. 

 Rescue 98 stood fast as no injuries were reported during the incident and Chief 98 was placed into the command structure. Crews had the fire contained and began returning to service in about 3 1/2 hours.

Companies on the Box:

Rescue 95, Engine 95, Ladder 95, Squad 95, Chief 95 & Chief 95A (Taylor)

Engine 93-3 & Chief 93A (Old Forge)

Engine 112 & Rescue112 (Avoca)

Rescue & Chief 98 (Greenwood) [RIT]

Pennsylvania Ambulance (Medical Stand By & Firefighter Rehab)



Greenwood Fire Hosts Firefighter Survival Program

 In the last few weeks firefighters from Greenwood along with Duryea Fire, Pittston Twp. Fire, Springbrook Fire & Taylor Fire completed the Firefighter Survival program. Crews completed last chance, life saving techniques including: SCBA emergency procedures, MAYDAY procedures, bailout techniques, entanglement techniques along with a 2 story maze in a residential structure. The photos posted show how physically challenging this course was.

Thank you to all class participants & a special thank you to the following men for instructing the class: Greenwood Fire Chief Molinaro, Scranton Asst. Chief Floryshak & Ret. Scranton Capt. (current Greenwood Chauffer) Langan. 



Fire Held to Single Alarm in Greenwood

 Just after midnight on October 27th Station 98 along with Engine 93, Engine 93-3, Chief 93 & Chief 93A were dispatched to a possible residential structure fire; a home filled with smoke from a fire place on Stone Street in Moosic's Greenwood section. 

Chief 98 arrived on scene to a smoke condition & after further investigation by the chief fire was discovered prompting the SRN to be dispatched. Engine 98 arrived on scene assuming the first due engine responsibility and established a water supply & stretched a 150' 2" hand line to the basement. 

A second attack line was pulled to Division 1 of the residence by an engine company while Ladder 226 opened walls in division one and checked the roof around the chimney. 

While the fire was deemed under control in under 45 minutes, companies had an extended time removing the "fire box" from a stone fire place which proved to be a challenge. Hurst E-Draulic equipment was used to remove the fire box from the fire place where hidden fire was revealed. 

Companies were back in service in under 4 hours. 

Companies on the box:

Engine 98, Brush 98 & Chief 98 (Greenwood)

Engines' 93 & 93-3 (Old Forge)

Chief 93 & 93A (Old Forge)

Ladder 226 & Engine 126 (Duryea)

Engine 112, Rescue 112 & Chief 112 (Avoca)

Rescue 23 [RIT] (Dickson City)

Stone Street

Stone Street

Stone Street

Stone Street


Rescue Co. 98 Completes Vehicle Rescue Class

The rescue guys finished up a several week vehicle rescue program today. This pre-req brings them in line for movement toward their FF2 Certification. We would like to express our sincerest "Thanks" to Minooka Subaru for allowing us the ability to work at their facility. Their assistance was invaluable. It's real nice to have outstanding community partners.



Moosic Lions Club Supporting Greenwood Fire Dept.

The Moosic Lions Club presented a hefty donation to the members of the Greenwood Fire Department last evening to help the FD convert to new life saving technology. Keeping with the long time theme of the Lions organization, the donation will provide additional new SCOTT SITE breathing apparatus face pieces which include incorporated thermal imaging technology which gives firefighters the sense of site when involved in smoke filled environments. THANK YOU to the Lions administration & members and to our own FD member Joe Gandara who is also a Lion for supporting this worthy investment.
Shown in the photo are some of the burly group accepting the donation from Lions Treasurer William Frederickson.



Supporting our Community

Thursday, August 25, 2016   Greenwood Fire was happy to be involved in the Riverside Elementary East back to school event Tuesday evening. The kids got an up close chance to see the fire apparatus and everyone participated in the Fire Safety House loaned to us by Scranton Fire. We somehow fit this in between the 5 runs of the day and some Birthday Cake for our main Chauffeur Joe Gandara. Happy Birthday Joe.



Moosic Businesses Supporting their Fire Department

Sunday, May 15, 2016 

Greenwood Fire recently received some very generous community support from two manufacturing facilities located in Moosic. Both Preferred Meal Systems and MIA Products a division of J & J Snack Foods recently assisted with the purchase of a new MSA Altair 5 Multi Gas Meter. Shown in the photo are some of the crew along with Rich Pettinato Senior Plant Engineer Preferred Meal System and Paul Kennedy VP J & J Snack Food Corporate Safety.



Congrats to Greenwood Firefighters on Obtaining FFI Certification

Sunday, May 15, 2016  Congratulations to Greenwood Firefighters John Segilia III, John Fauver, Anthony Angeli & Cory Sienkiewicz along with Rescue Lieutenant Mark Beaudoin and Engine Lieutenant Corey Allen for obtaining their Fire Fighter I Certification. These gentlemen have spent over 1 year preparing for the written and practical exam and accomplishing all of the pre-req's. These additional members will be added to the list of other Greenwood members and continue a long tradition of Certifications which date back to the beginning of the Pennsylvania Certification process in the early 1980's. Congrats to these guys!



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