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Saturday, April 11, 2015  With Spring here and summer fast approaching the fire department is preparing for it's off road emergency and rescue volume to increase due to the high volume of wooded area through Moosic Borough. Here are a few safety tips to remember and keep in mind in case you are in need 

  • Be trained on the machine you're operating
  • Wear a helmet
  • NO Children on adult ATV's
  • Travel in groups 
  • Have a cell phone with you in case of emergency
  • Do not operate under the influence of drugs & alcohol
  • If you are ever in an emergency and call 911 for assistance DO NOT LEAVE YOUR LOCATION, STAY IN THE SAME SPOT THAT YOU CALL 911 FROM!

The Greenwood Fire Department operates 2 UTV's that give us the capability to travel into the woods where normal,larger size apparatus can not fit. ATV 98-1 is equipped with medical/fire suppression capabilities and seats 2 firefighter's and medical personel. ATV 98-1 carries 75 gallons of water along with a booster real in order to reach brush/wild land fire's that can't be reached by Brush 98 or Engine 98. Aside from being able to extinguish fire's ATV 98-1 also has a back board and stokes basket that can be secured to the ATV to transport a patient to the ambulance unit for transport.

ATV 98-1 seats 5 firefighter's and EMS Personnel and also has a tailgate that transport's equipment to be used in areas that larger apparatus can't reach. 

Since the fire department purchased these units they have been proven as an asset and have been used in off road emergencies through out Moosic Borough and Lackawanna County.



Another Working Fire Hits the Greenwood Section of Moosic Borough

Less than 24 hours after clearing the structure fire on Winfeild Ave. in Greenwood, first alarm companies were dispatched to a reported structure fire in the 500 Block of Corey Street in Moosic at 2:30am on Thursday April 2nd.

Chief 98 and PENN98 arrived on scene confirming the working residential fire, 2 1/2 story wood frame, with all occupants evacuated starting the SRN (Special Response Narrative). Engine 98 arrived, established a water supply and pulled a 2'' 150' attack line and was sent to side C to gain entry to Division 2. Rescue 98 arrived moments later and pulled a 2nd attack line off of Engine 98 and reported to side C also.

Shortly after initial attack lines were set up and fire suppression was underway Command 98 instructed Lackawanna County 911 to sound the EVAC Tone and all interior firefighters were evacuated due to deteriorating structural conditions and accounted for. During the exterior operation Engine 98 crew defensively attacked fire on Side B via roof, crews also defensively attacked for via the roof from side A.

Engine 933 & Rescue 95 crews relieved initial Engine 98 & Rescue 98 crews on Attack 1 & 2. Engine 112 established a secondary water supply and the 112 Crew led off with a 2'' attack line off of Engine 112. Ladder 226 set up on side A and began ventilation and completed the primary truck duties. 

No injuries were reported on scene. Companies operated for about 3 hours to extinguish the fire and extensively overhaul the structure.

Companies on the Box:

Engine 98, Rescue 98, Brush 98, Chief 98_Greenwood

Engine 93, Engine 933, Chief 93, Chief 93A_Old Forge

Rescue 95_Taylor

Engine 112, Chief 112_Avoca

Ladder 226_Duryea

Engine 126_Duryea[Special Request]

Rescue 23_Dickson City [RIT]

Pennsylvania Ambulance_EMS Coverage & Firefighter Rehab

*Photos courtesy of Pennsylvania Ambulance EMT Bob Schaffer & Taylor Fire Rescue FF  John T. Evans*



2nd Alarm Fire in the Greenwood Section of Moosic Borough

A Greenwood Box Alarm was dispatched to the 3700 block of Winfield Avenue in the Greenwood Section of Moosic just after 9:30AM on March 31st.

Engine 98, Chief 98 & Rescue 98 along with Moosic Police and Pennsylvania Ambulance arrived to find the fire in the single family home heavily involved in flames with nearly 50% of the 1st story well involved and exposure problems on both sides of the involved home, having the Lackawanna County 911 Center Start the SRN.

Engine 98 crew established a water supply and pulled a 2'' attack line to the rear of the home while Rescue 98 did the same through the front. Ladder 226 had the truck company responsibilities while Rescue 95, Engine 93, Engine 933 & Engine 112 relieved the initial Greenwood Crews and stretched another attack line. 

Due to day time staffing the response was quickly elevated to a 2nd alarm. Ladder 93, Engine 143 & Engine 126 along with Rescue 2 completed overhaul and relieved first alarm companies. No injuries were reported on scene, companies operated for aprx. 3 hours.

Companies on the box:

Engine 98, Rescue 98, Chief 98_Greenwood

Engine 93, Engine 933, Ladder 93, Chief 93A_Old Forge

Rescue 95, Chief 95_Taylor

Ladder 226, Engine 126, Chief 226_Duryea

Engine 143, Chief 143_Hughestown

Rescue 2, Chief 2_Chinchilla

Rescue 23_Dickson City [RIT]

Pennsylvania Ambulance_EMS Coverage & Firefighter Rehab



More History from Moosic Borough Emergency Services Uncovered from 1966





Friday, March 20, 2015  There has been a sizeable amount of different Fire Apparatus that served Moosic through the years. Here are a few photos from Greenwood.




Friday, March 20, 2015  There has been a sizeable amount of different Fire Apparatus that served Moosic through the years. Here are a few photos from Moosic Hose Co.




Friday, March 20, 2015  Nearly a dozen Greenwood Firefighters who are working toward their National Firefighter 1 Certification test to be held in October have just completed their CPR & First Aid requirements. These firefighters are past the half way point in obtaining all of the necessary pre-requisite training needed to sit for the written and practical test. If these gentlemen are successful with the testing in October, the Fire Department will have over 75% of it current responding members Nationally Certified to a Firefighter 1 level or higher. Firefighters Corey Allen, John Fauver, Paul Kania, Mike Maranelli, John Segilia, Mike Piasecki, Corey Sienkiewicz, Anthony Angeli, RJ Kwiatkowski, Mark Beaudoin are working toward the certification.




Tuesday, March 10, 2015  Greenwood Fire Department along with the Moosic Mayor, Council and Administration in conjunction with Lackawanna County 911 and Lackawanna County Planning are currently working on areas throughout the community that are plagued with troubled street addresses which are delaying Emergency Reponders. The process will continue until the troubled areas are rectified. As we work toward the conclusion of this very important project we are asking that all residents re-familiarize themselves on how to call 911 in an Emergency. See the information below. Don’t despair, while you are answering questions being asked by one telecommunicator another is dispatching units to your emergency. Please try to answer the minimal questions as completely as possible. Here are some questions you should be prepared to answer when calling 9-1-1. Try to remain calm while speaking to the Telecommunicator. • The exact address or location of the emergency or directions if not at a specific address • The phone number you are calling from and your name. The Telecommunicator may have to call you back for more information or directions if you are in a location that is difficult to find. • The nature of the emergency……….. Be specific • If anyone is injured the nature of their injuries and how many people are injured • The approximate age of the injured person(s) • Are they breathing? • Are they conscious? • Follow the Telecommunicator’s instructions exactly, but do not place yourself in danger to assist anyone. All professional Telecommunicators in Lackawanna County have received extensive training through APCO (Association of Public Safety Communications Officials) and are certified by PEMA, (Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency) in Fire, Police, EMS, and EMA dispatch and also as Emergency Medical Dispatchers who can provide you with valuable lifesaving instructions via the telephone while you are waiting for help to arrive. These would include, Airway maintenance, CPR if necessary, bleeding control and a huge list of other interventions to assist the patient.




On 3-3-15 at 1653 hours an alarm was struck for 400 York Ave in Duryea at Schott Glass Co. for a working commercial structure fire.

Germania 126 Engine along with Excelsior 226 Chief would arrive simultaneously on the scene of a working structure fire in the warehouse area on side B of the building. Chief 226 requested a 2nd alarm be struck by Luzerne County. Command was set up with Chief 226 being Command and 126 Assistant Chief would be Operations. The 126 Engine laid a supply line from the A/B corner of the structure to side B and Ladder 226 would also setup alongside the 126 Engine for aerial operations. Initial crews from 126 and 226 would team up to gain entry in to the warehouse area where they faced extreme fire conditions. 126 deployed a 2 1/2” attack line into the garage bay door to start attacking the fire. Avoca Rescue and Engine 112 would arrive and establish a water supply and lay into side B of the structure also. The 112 and 126 crews would each place blitz fire into service to help knock down the bulk of the fire. Greenwood Rescue and Engine 98 would be tasked with heading off the fire at the batch house where all the chemicals were stored. Engine and Rescue 98 would deploy approx. 300 ft of setback line to the B/C corner of the building to help contain the fire. 3rd alarm was requested at this time by Command. Operations was advised of the deteriorating conditions inside the structure and it was noticed that the building was starting to split apart at adjoining walls inside the warehouse. Operations advised Command to evacuate the structure and PAR was taken. All firefighters were accounted for and defensive operations took place.

At this time, the 4th alarm special assignments were being requested by Command. Avoca Chief 112, Pittston Twp Engine and Rescue 166, Pittston City Tower 165, Dickson City Ladder 23, and Olyphant 26-2 would relocate and setup on the rear D corner of the structure to start attacking the fire from the opposite side and start to contain the fire from a Production work area. Secondary Command would be by Chief 112 on the D side reporting to the B side Command.

On the B side of the structure, Ladder 226, Old Forge Ladder 93, Covington Tower 14, and West Pittston Ladder 184 would setup aerial operations to extinguish the fire that had came through the roof. 112 and 126 crews would reposition and setup the blitz fire throughout the B side garage doors. Crews from Hughestown 143, Old Forge Engine 93, and Engine 126 would man 2 ½’ and 1 ¾’ hand lines alongside the blitz fires to help contain the fire. Master streams operated for approx. 1 hour before Operations 126, Chief 126 and Chief 226 would enter the structure to begin recon for fire and assess the collapse zones. Safety areas were established and crews would enter the building to being overhaul and extinguish the remaining fire. The same crews that were operating outside would stretch their handlines inside and continue to operate. As crews became exhausted they were replaced by the special request companies from Kingston 149, Swoyersville 279, Exeter 128, Taylor 95, West Wyoming 185, Mountain Top 132, and Elmhurst 15. Crews would be battling the fire for approx 6 hrs at this time when it was decided to release companies from the first arriving and start to special request several more companies to the alarm.

Duryea units 126 and 226 would remain on scene as the fire reached the 7th hour of operation. Fire units from Mt. Zion 229, Clarks Summit 4, Newton Ransom 8, Laflin 152, and Eynon 33 were requested to the scene. Arriving units would be put to work completing overhaul. Engine 229 would meet up with Lt 126 on the B/C corner of the structure to complete overhaul outside the Batch house and 2nd mezzanine and office areas. Ladder 4 would meet up with Chief 126 and 226 to help in the over process with Lt 126 and 229. Laflin Engine 152 was tasked with water supply due to Engine 126 going out of service on a mechanical failure. Then Engine 152 and Engine 8 were tasked with completing overhaul in the main fire section of the warehouse. Crews from 126 and 226 would be tasked with overhauling the mezzanine area above the warehouse where the main fire was. Springbrook Engine 53 would take overhaul operations in the collapse zone from Mountain Top 132. Eynon would be tasked with staging as the RIT team as crews operated inside. The added crews would operate for approx 4 hrs before returning to service and the fire was reported to be fully extinguished.

Total duration of the call was approx 11 hrs. and no injuries have been reported.

*Story from Germania Hose Co. Facebook Page*




Wednesday, March 4, 2015  Greenwood crews were sent on a 2nd alarm response into Duryea to Schott Glass. Duryea Companies quickly upgraded the response to multiple alarms based upon the heavy fire conditions found on their arrival. Crews were first tasked with preventing the spread of the conflagration into the "Batch House" which contained sizeable amounts of water reactive and flammable chemicals. Greenwood & Old Forge crews found substancial fire volume outside a connecting door way of the Batch House and were able to set up a master stream device to prevent forward progress of the fire. Once completed crews moved to the warehouse area of the building where they operated multiple master streams and handlines, once again trying to stop the forward progress of the fire. The crews cycled out to rehab for a second time and then paid their last visit to the structure where they advanced handlines into an internal plant area that contained a two story office structure where heavy pockets of fire were also found. The entire cast of members and on scene companies worked without question for nearly 10 hours trying to keep the damage to a minimum. While Moosic crews were involved in the extended Duryea operation the Scranton Fire Department "B" shift provided Fire Protection to the lower Lackawanna Valley. Greenwood crews were released at 1:00AM. There were no injuries reported.



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